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Jayceeoh – ‘Elevate’ (feat. Nevve) **REMIX ALBUM**

I just love remix albums because you get to hear so many different styles/interpretations of one song. Jayceeoh dropped the official remix album for his track, ‘Elevate’ ft Nevve a few days ago and what an album it is. This album features 14 (this is not a typo) remixes.

Featuring Clips x Ahoy, Hex Cougar x NūE, Damien Anthony x Woogie, SAMG, RNSOM, Mashd N Kutcher, NINE LIVES, $MGGLR, Herrin, R!OT, Maliboux, Caster Troy, Puzzles and KTRL.

After listening a few times, I can identify my top two and they are Hex Cougar x NūE, Damien Anthony x Woogie. A special mention goes out to RNSOM as well.

Stream them below

You can also stream the entire album.


Jayceeoh’s official website

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