Irish Singer-Songwriter Gareth Dunlop has shared his new single and video, ‘Look Back Smiling’. It is a beauty to hear and the lyrics will touch your heart and soul. What I love most about this song is Gareth’s voice. It’s so powerful!

Check out the video below.

Doesn’t that just put a smile on your face?

Speaking about the track, Gareth said:

I wrote it as a message of sorts for my son. In these weird pandemic years I had noticed him retreating into himself. He’d missed out on most of his first year at school and bypassed an important year of making those first connections with would be friends. It set my head off in a direction of wanting him to grab life by the horns and be as much of a kid as possible before the real trials and tribulations of life seeped in. In a time when it was hard to be a normal kid, I was desperate for his young sense of wonder and childlike fearlessness to rule his heart. When I was young I couldn’t wait to grow up, and now that I’m older I’d give anything to go back and be a kid again.


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