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Gregory Dillon – ‘Alien Boyfriend’

Gregory Dillon is an artist whose music I first heard last year December. ‘Painted Blue‘ was such an impressive track, I immediately placed Gregory on my Ones to Watch list for 2019. And here he is with his latest track blowing me away once again.

‘Alien Boyfriend’ is the synth pop equivalent of the movie Contact, revamped into a boyhood coming-out fantasy.

Speaking about the track Gregory says, “Hidden in this Sci-Fi track is a strong metaphor to the memories of my first sexual epiphany and early explorations of online dating. I think back to my last year of high school, scanning through the channels of an infamous chat site, hoping I’d find a boy who would understand me. Discouraged by lack of vulnerability, I continued following a trail of dead-end encounters until I nearly gave up. Right before I was about to sign off my computer I remember this boy appeared up on my screen, and from 300 miles away I fell in love.”

Stream the tune below


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