Gia Ford has unveiled her new alt-Pop single, ‘A Car Crash for Two’, alongside a new music video. Gia has one of those voices that deserves your attention. She delivers this dark-pop style so perfectly that it has me swooning.

Speaking about the track, Gia said:

“It’s a song about toxic love – about how sometimes people get used to their car crash romances, so much so that it becomes normal and romanticised -even masochistic – to the point that they descend together into this alternate world.”

“It’s interesting to me how fine the lines are between pain, pleasure, love and hate – and maybe it’s because they cannot exist without the threat of one another. Sonically I’m entering a totally new era – for the first time I feel I’ve arrived at a sound that truly represents me; that’s genuine reflection of all my life influences – I’m excited, I can start all over again.”

Check out the music video below.


Gia Ford on Twitter

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