GEO is so talented and I’m glad that I’ve been able to enjoy his music over the last couple of months and I’m even happier that I’ve been able to share this music with you. He is an artist that I definitely admire as each track he releases is inspired by personal experiences. With ‘Flax Pond’ GEO responds to his parents’ recent divorce and the mental backlash he has felt from it.

“As a 25 year old, on the other side of the country, I was assuming that after a few hard weeks I would be back to my normal every day life, but unfortunately that feeling of relief never came. After a few months it seemed that my newfound anxiety grew even more entangled into my life, peeking out unexpectedly and more intensely. In a moment of clarity I sat down and wrote this track in effort to emulate how my mind was working at the time. Anxiety is an unsettling and unwelcome guest in your mind, “Flax Pond” is what mine sounds like.”

Take in this incredible track below


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Written by Darcel

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