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Ferris Pier Releases The Perfect Summer Jam with ‘Everything’ (feat. Galen Disston)

Ferris Pier is out here making some damn good music. His latest release, ‘Everything’ has me in such a good mood. Whatever hump day struggles I was having before are all gone because the good vibes have taken over.

Take in the music video below.

“It’s a song you get instantly addicted to and one you definitely want on your summer playlist. “I love how the song threads the needle between a boppy, summer jam, and an emotional anthem.” – Ferris

The single also features a Seattle gospel choir that really injects soul and emotion into this catchy pop track centered around love, which we can all relate to.

“I hope this song connects with listeners in a special way. Love can be dope, and love can be gritty. And that’s why it’s love.” – Ferris

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