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Etaoin – ‘Pale Damp Cheeks’

‘Pale Damp Cheeks’ is Etaoin’s second offering, and it is incredible. She shows that sometimes less is more because on this track, what we hear is the strum of a guitar and her amazing vocals, and that is enough. She tells a heartbreaking story that will make you FEEL, but you’ll also fall in love with her voice because it will blow you away.

Hear the track below.

Speaking about ‘Pale Damp Cheeks’, Etaoin said:

“It was winter time, a few days after a boy told me ‘I like you, but I like her more than you.’ And I just sat there feeling so angry at the whole situation. The heating had gone in my house, all the lights were out. There was no one home and I was sitting with my back against the radiator.”

“This song is about wanting to run away from the pride and the anger. I wondered if it was normal to feel so messed up about something. Trying to convince yourself that you are fine and you don’t care, then taking the bandage off and immediately realising: I wasn‘t ready, it‘s not healed.”


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