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Etaoin – ‘I Dare You’ (Audio)

Despite having only launched in January this year and with two singles currently under her belt, London-based Irish singer-songwriter Etaoin has made an outstanding introduction; already racking up over half a million streams in the process. Her latest single, ‘I Dare You’, released on April 2 via Made Records, is the penultimate release to come ahead of her debut EP.

The track is impeccably written and Etaoin’s vocals are on point!

Speaking about the track, the young artist said:

“I wrote it in my bathroom in my parents house, in ten minutes. I was so furious, I had heard from my friends this boy had been badmouthing me for literally no reason. I was like: If you wanna do that, fine. I dare you, keep going, see what it does for you. A lot of my life especially as a female I have felt underestimated. It’s a general feeling of being talked down to, people not expecting you to win.”

“In life it’s not always about who turns up for you, it’s about the times you turn up for yourself. Self-respect is often used in such a screwed up way, in this case I was respecting myself by cutting contact with this person. It’s me finding my voice again.

Stream the track below.

This is going to be on repeat for a long time.


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