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Etaoin – ‘For Her’

Etaoin is quite the storyteller. The way she sings, it’s easy to relate to everything, and for me, it’s as if you’re listening to your best friend, who completely understands your thoughts and feelings.

‘For Her’ is the London-based Irish singer’s lead track off her debut EP, ‘Bedroom Walls’. It’s a song written during three months away from home, pining for London and missing her parents.

“It’s about waiting and praying for your old self to come back whilst at the same time knowing full well that the only reason she’s gone is because you stamped her out, thinking her softness was naive and weak. It’s about missing that same softness within yourself, which is safer to not show people.” 

“I want this song to say ‘I’m here with you, I know exactly where you are in your head“I was there too and it’s okay to feel like this’ to anyone who has felt like they maybe didn’t want to be here anymore. I want it to feel like someone squeezing the listener’s hand under the table in support, like an ‘I understand’.”

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