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EMM – ‘Lady’

EMM is out here giving us women a phenomenal anthem with her new track ‘Lady’.

Speaking about the track, EMM says, “Throughout our entire lives, women are taught subliminally and consciously to stay unproblematic and small. We are taught to put everyone else’s comfort before our own, even if it costs us everything. It’s so revolutionary and rebellious for a woman to love herself in a world that thrives on our self-hatred. So many people make money by encouraging us to hate ourselves, and then those same people encourage us buy their shit to fix those exact feelings that they placed in us. I wanted an anthem to celebrate every woman who has decided that she’s not sitting down. She’s not shutting her mouth. She is proud to be considered a “problem.” I love disruptors. And I wrote “Lady” for every Queen who has been chastised for being bold. I hope the song reminds her how amazing she is for that. I hope it reminds her that she’s not alone.”

Love it!

Stream it below


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