Hawaii via Liverpool’s rising star and pioneer of “Aloha Soul” Eli Smart now shares the new single ‘B-Side‘ via Polydor. Once again, building upon Eli’s now distinctive sound, jangly laid-back guitars and soaring, soulful vocals transport you to a Sepia-filtered beach, drink in hand.  

Working with the acclaimed producer of Arlo Parks, Gianluca Buccellati, has allowed Eli to explore and expand his authentic ‘Aloha Soul’ sound, a unique blend of Tropicana, timeless guitar pop, and blue-eyed soul. Eli’s work remains impassioned and stirring, preserving a swingy and high-spirited essence imbued with warmth.

Speaking on the track, Eli adds:
“Right when my mate Luca and I started recording the vocals for this tune a massive rainstorm hit our side of the island, we were record everything in my room which is nowhere near sound proofed, so all the rain and roosters were jumping on the track. We decided to not fight it though and leave it all in as it really set the mood for us. At the start of the tune you can hear a load of rain absolutely dumping down outside, I think we even kept it in throughout at a subtle level. Similarly, this song is about not fighting something even if it isn’t going how you particularly would want it to go.