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CUTTS – ‘Breathe’

NY based alternative-pop duo, CUTTS has delivered a new tune that is impeccably written and the feels are currently in full effect. I’m a sucker for vocals and on ‘Breathe’ Lillian Cutts sings each word so perfectly that I’m almost speechless.

Explaining her side of the lyrics, Lillian says, “This song quickly became very personal for me. It became about a person I have always had trouble expressing my feelings for; especially in songwriting. High highs and low lows, complexities of the past that are impossible to express in just one song. My memory of her has always been triggered by specific things— a nick name, a fragrance— the intimate details. While the affairs of my lost love became convoluted over time I can still smell her perfume, that lingers on forever.”

The juxtaposition of the nostalgic verses and the tragic chorus is emblematic of the difficulty we all face letting go of love. It never really leaves us, it just lingers in a memory and life goes on. The world keeps spinning. And all we can do is sit in the empty space, still breathing.”

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