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Connor Evans – ‘Unique’

Connor Evans’s ‘Unique’ is a winner.

Connor’s flow is relaxed, almost effortless as he tells a story on a beat that was made for him.

‘Unique’ is one of the rawer, more straight ahead Hip-Hop cuts on his upcoming album as the Virgin Islands based MC touches on recent life experiences and cutting the negativity out of his life:

“I want stacks on stacks/I want plaques on plaques/it’s nuts when you know you got it, you just lack those stats/my friend said he’s glad I don’t act more black/made me look at him different…”

Speaking on the track, Connor said this was one of the first records he wrote after moving to the Virgin Islands.

“I wrote the first half of this song while on a plane to London. I traveled alone and stayed there for a few nights then spent a week in Budapest.  The second half of the song I wrote after my first few days in Nashville when I returned to the States.  I had a lot of experiences that rocked me and took me out of a routine I was falling into… for a while there I was finding it hard to really feel and connect with my own emotions.  This record was about getting in touch with myself again and being able to remind myself of who I am.”

If you are feeling the track, click here to purchase it on iTunes


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