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Clean Cut Kid – ‘We Used To Be In Love’

Listening to Clean Cut Kid’s ‘We Used To Be In Love’ has put a smile on my face.

Now it isn’t the happiest of songs but I smile because it’s so freaking good. It reminds me of 80s pop rock and I love being taken back in time.

‘We Used To Be In Love’ is the fourth single from the Liverpool quartet and it expresses the heartbreak of losing that intimate connection you had with a lost love. Describing the track, singer Mike Halls writes: “One of the most heart shattering things about breaking up with someone is how this person, who used to be at the centre of your whole universe, is suddenly no more a part of your life than a distant stranger. ‘We Used To Be In Love’ is about passing that person in the street and wanting to scream “DON’T YOU REMEMBER WHAT WE USED TO FEEL FOR EACH OTHER?!?!”

I know that feeling very well, I’m sure you do too.

Check out the lyric video below.

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