Glaswegian singer-songwriter Christy has revealed his gorgeous and tender new acoustic EP ‘Somebody Else Instead’, completed by a brand new single of the same name.

Christy has one of those voices you can’t help but fall in love with, but hearing him sing acoustically, is a whole other experience. It’s so pure and stunning.

Hear it below.

Speaking about the track, Christy said:

“‘Somebody Else Instead’, the title track of this stripped back acoustic EP, is a song I wrote that perfectly encapsulates the feeling I felt when I was trying to move on past a relationship,” says Christy. “I felt like I was just trying to replace them constantly. Then I had a thought, that when you are in a relationship, all you really do is waste your time with that person, so maybe that’s what love is, wasting your time with the right person but having the most fun doing nothing.” He continues. “This whole EP is my journey up to now of how I have felt about moving on. I hope everyone listens to this and hears every bit of emotion I have felt making it.”


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