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CHEL – ‘Nasty Woman’

Ladies, I have our newest anthem, courtesy CHEL. ‘Nasty Woman’ is an invigorating track all about women’s empowerment. And CHEL’s story behind this song is an incredible one.

I’ll let her words speak for itself.

I thought about how there is a trend in the current popular culture of calling strong women “Nasty”. I wanted to make a women’s empowerment anthem that was pretty and gritty all at the same time. I wanted to speak on the fact that women are still paid substantially less to do the same job as a man. Women olympians make HALF what the men make. I wanted to address women being objectified and turned against each other instead of supporting each other. I don’t believe in superiority but I believe in EQUALITY. My grandma worked hard for change so that I could have the CHOICE to live the life I live today.

The reason this is important to me is because there is still change that needs to happen all around the world and it is being covered up. I want to make a statement and I want it to be LOUD. I want our daughters and granddaughters to know equality and if I can help move that ball, I want to do so.

It is important to do this now because people are listening. With the elections around the corner and a woman as or Vice Presidential nomination, there has never been a better time to unite and push for a better future. Why not try to change history and for the first time EVER get a woman Vice President? We can only do this if we unite and fight for change. The time is now!



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