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Chec – ‘Sante Fe’

Chec’s ‘Santa Fe’ is a song that demands more than one listen. The track has all these different elements that makes it so good! Like those sweet vocals, the glitches, the sounds of finger snapping, a piano and even some horns.

Hear it below

CHEC is a duo comprised of vocalist/songwriter Elliot Cain and producer Cooper Holzman (aka Holz).

Speaking about the track Elliot said, “Santa Fe is really just about finding comfort in someone else, but not being confident in them feeling the same way. It’s a comfortable discomfort, paradoxical. Having someone you rely on to always be there is tough when they might not need you, at least in that moment. When I wrote the song, it wasn’t really about anyone in particular. Then, as I was finishing the chorus, I realized that we couldn’t lay the song down because Coop was in Santa Fe at a writing retreat. Irony.”


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