Charlene Soraia has one of those voices that draws you in the moment you hear it. The British artist released her ‘Where’s My Tribe’ album, along with brand new single ‘Beautiful People’ just a few days ago.

On the album, it’s just Charlene’s voice and a guitar as she delivers ten tracks recorded alone in her South London flat – with no edits, no autotune and mostly in one take. That’s talent!

Stream ‘Beautiful People’ below

Charlene says of the final track to be released from the album ‘Beautiful People’ is central to the entire album, it describes a battle between the brain and desire. “I can’t keep on living in the shadows of such beautiful people”. It’s so easy to compare yourself to others with the incessant bombardment (and addiction) to social media. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the reality of your own existence, especially when playing the dangerous game of self esteem killing comparisons! I’ve come to learn that things are often unfoundedly idealised online.


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