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Brendan Eder Ensemble x Edward Blankman – ‘Three’

Brendan Eder Ensemble presents the music of Edward Blankman, a retired dentist who wrote elegant minimalist jazz in total obscurity circa 1970. The LP, Cape Cod Cottage, comes out in September 2021.

Edward Blankman wrote “Three” in 1972 sitting at his Wurlitzer 700 electric piano. The piece opens with an homage to French composer Erik Satie. Several measures later the keyboard is joined by an ensemble sporting alto saxophone, alto flute, upright, and drums. Blankman then segues from Satie’s Lydian chord structure to a whimsical, freeform jazz confection.

I wanted to share the words above so you can fully understand and appreciate what you are about to hear. But, before I share the link, I just want to note that this is an incredible song that not just jazz fans would enjoy, but if you are a lover of music like I am, you’re in for a treat.

Now, press play below.

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