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Brand-New Pop Act Rory Webley Reveals New Single ‘Genie in a Bottle’

Brand-new Australian pop act Rory Webley has revealed his new single ‘Genie In A Bottle‘ and its accompanying video, out now via London based artist services company Platoon. The video was made by Creative Path Films. 

The new single is taken from Rory‘s upcoming EP Are You Scared Yet? the release of which is expected soon. ‘Genie In A Bottle‘ illustrates Rory’s unique blend of moody, atmospheric pop and dark, subject matter and is the follow up to recent single ‘Friendly Neighborhood Poltergeist‘, released in April. ‘Friendly Neighborhood Poltergeist‘ has been streamed more than 300,000 times to date and has been picked up by a number of prominent Tik-Tok influencers. 

Speaking about “Genie In A Bottle“, Rory said:

“‘Genie in a Bottle’ is the most personal song on the EP and definitely means the most to me. While most of these fears explored on the EP are common, this one was a little more personal to me. I wrote it through the eyes of a character that drowned before they could do anything with their life that they really wanted to do. This song is about my dreams never coming true. Living in a world where no one’s dreams come true is one of the saddest and scariest things I can think of.”

Rory‘s musical career began on his social media channels and YouTube page, where he has been releasing songs and accompanying videos for the last eighteen months. After building up an engaged fan-base on Tik-Tok, YouTube and Instagram, Rory released the audio from these videos as official tracks, via Platoon at the end of 2019. These tracks have gone on to collectively gain more than 4,000,000 streams to date.

In January of this year Rory teamed up with local producer Kon Kersting (Tones & I Dance Monkey) to make the Are You Scared Yet? EP. Sonically, the EP showcases Rory’s love of upbeat pop music paired with sinister lyrics and each track explores themes that scare Rory. 

EP Tracklist:

  1. Friendly Neighborhood Poltergeist
  2. Buried Alive
  3. Something Super Sweet
  4. I’m The Boogeyman
  5. Genie In A Bottle
  6. There’s Something In The Water

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