I first featured BAER’s music just last month with her song ‘River’ and then weeks later I shared another track, ‘Waiting For The Fall’. Both tracks I absolutely love and they are off her EP, ‘The Pink Formosa’ which dropped today.

She shared with me two more tracks before the EP’s release, ‘Tuscany’ and ‘Most Days’. Now if you haven’t heard of her before, let me just tell you her style is urban/electro pop and the music is amazing.

Her music is the type that I prefer to listen to while in my room, when there’s nothing much going on, so I could fully take it in.

There is only five tracks on the EP but I have two favourites. ‘Waiting For The Fall and ‘Most Days’ but as I am on my third listen I may add another song to that list ,who knows.

I’ll stop writing here so you can check it out for yourself. Click here to stream.


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Written by Darcel

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