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Babé Sila – ‘Rainbow’

East London based Hungarian singer-songwriter Babé Sila returns with her powerful, jazz-infused, R&B single ‘Rainbow’.

This is my first time hearing Babé, and she has definitely caught my attention. She has a fantastic voice, and the message she shares on ‘Rainbow’ is needed.

“I wrote Rainbow about my journey to self-love and self-acceptance.” Explains Babé. “One of the most important periods in my life was when I took some time to get to know myself better and self-reflect. I learnt to prioritise my needs and appreciate my values, I developed a deep confidence in myself that was separate from my ego. In writing this song I am promising to love myself no matter what.”

‘Rainbow’ carries a potent message that love is love, and for Babé it makes a profound statement. She explains:

 “‘Colouring my own rainbow’ is a queer hint – my love life being unconventional and not necessarily fitting into a socially accepted norm I have to explain myself a lot. In this song I intend to declare that everyone has the right to colour their own rainbow – to decide who and design how they love.”

That we do! Now take in the magic below.


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