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Ayelle – ‘Silverplates’ (prod. Crayon)

The last time I shared Ayelle’s music I encouraged listeners to really pay attention to the lyrics and today I’m doing that again for her latest single, ‘Silverplates’. On the Crayon produced track, Ayelle tackles entitlement.

She sings:

So you say you wanna touch me
But you don’t know how to touch me
You can’t find me on your silverplate
You can’t find me on no silverplate

Silverplates is a metaphor for male privilege and the entitlement felt towards female identifying bodies. Too often in this narrative, women are made to feel as if they’re disposable, and it’s an exhausting landscape to navigate.” – Ayelle.

Hear it below

If you’re digging it, click here to support the artist and purchase the track on iTunes.


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