Singer-songwriter Avery Lynch has shared her new single ‘Sleepover’. Produced by Emi Dragoi and Griff Clawson, and mixed by Mark Rankin, the song is a buoyant Pop track with giddy lyrics about youthful love to match.

‘Sleepover’ opens with a punchy guitar lick and Lynch’s airy vocals suggesting, “How ‘bout you meet me where the train stops running” before evolving into a true love-pop song that reminds every listener of the whimsy involved in being young, carefree, and enamored.

“I wrote ‘Sleepover’ about what it was like living in Boston with my boyfriend and our friends. In the beginning of our relationship, we would meet at the train station when I got out of class, we’d go to this little convenience store near his apartment to get snacks, and then we’d head to his apartment to watch cartoons and eventually fall asleep.” Lynch says of the song.

“Later when we were living together in a house with our friends, we would all go on Walgreens runs to get snacks and come back and watch movies together. I wrote ‘Sleepover’ to try and capture how much fun that all was.”

Check out the official lyric video below.

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