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Anna Leone – ‘Still I Wait’ (Official Video)

Anna Leone’s ‘Still I Wait’ is the work of an artist who knows exactly what they are doing. She has given us a beautifully written track that is captivating from beginning to end.

Speaking about the video, Anna said:

I’ve usually been alone in my music videos, this is the first time I’ve worked with other people on-screen. It was interesting to depict loneliness in a different way. How people can be close together but still feel disconnected and how it can be a challenge to reach out in isolation. It definitely wasn’t made with a quarantine situation in mind but it ended up being strangely reflective of the times. The building we were in turned out to be an abandoned hospital, and it was a night shoot, which combined made for a pretty special atmosphere. Nearly everything in the video was filmed with a large crane camera which went in and out of the windows, it was almost like a character in itself.


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