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Anieszka – ‘Grow’

Anieszka is back with new music and I am so excited to share it with you. ‘Grow’ is the first release from her upcoming EP ‘Elixir’ and it is simply out of this world. The singer/songwriter delivers a very powerful message on this track which is that every single person is worthy of love, purpose and achieving their dreams.

According to the press release, Anieszka was at standstill in her life where she herself doubted her abilities, and realised that those around her felt the same. She then felt compelled to push through the doubt and negativity, and continue writing her EP, which is when ‘Grow’ was born.

“I hope each listener, whoever they may be, wherever they may be in the world, knows that I’ve got them, and that they should never give up”. Each challenge in life can either be seen as a problem or as an opportunity to grow, and that’s what lies at the root of this song,” Anieszka said.

Click play below

I’m definitely in love with this.


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