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Ane Brun debuts new ‘Trust’ video, opens online chat to connect with fans around the world

Today, Norwegian songwriter Ane Brun debuts the official video for her new song, “Trust,” which she recorded and edited entirely herself.

The track is from her forthcoming as-of-yet untitled album, due this fall via Balloon Ranger Records. Prior to the release, Brun invited fans from around the world to join in for a pre-listening party and online chat.

“Many of the people who participated were alone in their homes, or with their cat or dog, a partner, or their family. Some were in quarantine because they were infected with the coronavirus or because they work in healthcare,” she explains of the chat, “What we had in common was that we were all affected by this difficult situation, and most of us were isolating from the outside world. We also felt a need to trust and meet other people. It was magical to come together like this.” You can join the conversation HERE.

Of the meaning behind the track, Brun explains, “It’s a song about letting go of all doubt and just letting yourself fall into the hands of fate, and trust that it’s all going to be alright. It was first written as a romantic song, but as we’re in this state of uncertainty around the planet I feel it has gained more meaning.”

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