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Alt Bloom – ‘West Coast’

Alt Bloom continues to impress as he shares his newest track, ‘West Coast’. An indie-pop tune with a chill vibe that you’re gonna love.

The artist said the song is about: “living in the city and working and grinding, then having this person come into your life and trying to decide what to do. It’s me asking, ‘Do I jump into this, or do I fight off those feelings and just keep doing my thing?’” 

Here’s a little more about the song:

Made with two of his roommates—multi-instrumentalist/producer Devin D’Amato and producer/engineer Brian Phillips (Thompson’s frequent collaborator)—“West Coast” came to life through several bursts of pure spontaneity. “I got home one day and Devin was working on a track and blasting it in his room, so I popped my head in and asked if I could write over it,” Thompson recalls. “I was just about to leave for Coachella, but I went and sat on my bed wrote almost the entire song, recorded it on a voice memo and then took off.”

With “West Coast” later completed with Phillips in their studio, Thompson is thrilled about the possibilities in further cultivating a collaboration with his roommates. “We’ve kind of turned our place into our own little compound, and we’re trying to produce in-house as much as possible,” he says. “I think that’s how a lot of great things are made: when people commit to each other and commit to the art, and everybody dedicates themselves to growing it together.”

I love that kind of collaboration and I look forward to hearing what is next. In the meantime, enjoy ‘West Coast’ below and let me know your thoughts.

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