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Alt Bloom – ‘October Eyes’

Alt Bloom’s ‘October Eyes’ is the perfect song for me right now as I lay back and unwind from the day.

The track is a love letter in the form of a breezy R&B bop that has become my newest obsession. It’s that type of song that will make you want to close your eyes and just let your body sway to the melody.

Speaking about the track, Alt Bloom said:

“I’d been reading The Dharma Bums and thinking a lot about the language he used—how unregrettably he expressed himself and who he truly was.

For so many years I’d been really focused on writing exactly the right lyrics, and ‘October Eyes’ was one of the first times I was able to let go of that. Instead of approaching every line like ‘Is the right thing to say?’, I decided to just write what I feel, and tell my story in a way that felt true to me.”

Stream it below

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