Zan Fiskum – ‘Still Thinkin’ About You’

The feels are definitely in full effect as I listen to Zan Fiskum’s ‘Still Thinking’ About You’, a song written after a devastating break up.

As the artist says:

“I remember many nights laying in bed crying, unable to sleep while my body ached with exhaustion. The way I processed everything that took place felt obsessive and strange, but I guess I’d never loved so deeply in my life until then. I have often have turned to driving as a form of therapy, something about the seclusion and your mind being able to drift off into nothingness is at moments exactly what I need. It was there, in my 2003 Honda Civic with tears streaming down my face, I wrote “Still Thinkin’ About You” along with many other songs from my upcoming album. And this song still brings me back to those moments, it still inspires me and reminds me of a love I once lost.”

Reading her words about the song and then listening to it, whew! If you’ve gone through a similar heart break, be prepared to feel all the emotions.

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