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Vita Lioni – ‘Couldn’t Say No’

Vita Lioni has given us almost seven minutes of soul-stirring music with her new single, ‘Couldn’t Say No’. The lustful beat, Vita’s smooth vocals and the overall sensual vibe of this track has made it my latest obsession.

Speaking about the song, Vita said:

If I were ever to experience a break-up, I pictured that “Couldn’t Say No” would be my theme. Like the colours of the sunset, vivid and evocative, so were my feelings when I wrote this. It’s dim, but pleasantly so as it brings to life the struggle of letting go – of history, memories, familiarity, and all the imprints left on one’s heart by love. But what makes this my ideal break-up song is the make-up part. There was an upturn to the story right from the start because I wanted love to prevail; and for a hopeless romantic, it always will.”

This track is off her debut EP, Make-Out Sessions Vol. 1 which is out now.

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