Vicky Sola – ‘Cooked Food’ (Official Music Video)

Vicky Sola is putting me in such a good mood with her song ‘Cooked Food’. The UK artist blends R&B/Soul with the Afrobeats sensibilities of her Nigerian heritage to give us this hit.

Speaking about how the record came about, Vicky says, “I wrote ‘Cooked Food’ when I recently took myself out on a little date, giving myself some self-love and care. As I was eating and listening to the Delirious beat, I thought of how it would feel to be loved how I love my food, and that’s literally how the song was birthed. I have so much love for my African culture, so it’s only right I added some of my favourite African foods into the lyrics – it made for a fun and quirky track”.

It is a really fun track that has that Summer heat. I LOVE IT!

Check it out


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