Twitch 4EVA – ‘Chaskele’

Ghanaian artist, songwriter and musician has become one of my favorite artists for 2020. His track, ‘Chaskele’ is a song that captivates you from the moment you press play and by the time the chorus hits, you’ll be hooked and want to hear more.

The visuals which he released a few weeks ago is a collaboration with burgeoning video director Andy Madjitey to offer a compelling tale of black love and heartbreak driven by stunning cinematography and landscapes – from its veiled homage to Black Panther, to how the visuals beautifully capture the Aburi Botanical Gardens in the coastal city of Tema in Ghana, to the contrasting colours throughout the story, the ‘Chaskele’ visuals rely on symbolism to show us how love and relationships can be an emotional roller coaster.

Check it out below

Speaking about the inspiration for ‘Chaskele’, Twitch 4EVA said:

“With this ‘Chaskele’ track, I wanted to be more open about my love life – I really loved this girl and thought it was true love, but apparently she was just in for fun. I was heartbroken, and for someone who finds it difficult to express his feelings, I really let out my emotions on this song. I kept asking myself when this pain in my heart would end and I believe this track was the only way I could describe my hurt since I couldn’t show it physically. It’s a piece of me and how I really felt at that time, because I was really in love with this person and never wanted to lose her, but it is what it is”.

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