Tomi Saario is becoming a force to reckon with as he has shared another stellar Pop tune and some amazing visuals to accompany it. ‘Someone Like You’ will turn your mid-week blues into pure bliss. Tomi has a voice that captures your heart immediately and all you want to do is listen to him sing.

For the video, Tomi said it was inspired by the rush of Berlin at night.

 “The story behind this one is that we had a very exciting video planned already and I was about to fly to Berlin to shoot it. Then Helsinki got marked as a high risk area for COVID, which stopped me from being able to fly. So suddenly we (my cinematographer Max Motel and creative director Sami Joensuu) had just a couple of days to bring a new idea to the table.” 

Ultimately we decided to bring Berlin to me so Max jumped in his car and did a time lapse video of the city from midnight to 7am. We then took that and projected it onto me at Sony Music Finland’s office and filmed it by linking a very high quality camera to my computer via a camlink with Max directing me on Google Hangouts. We were really hoping that by 2021 we would have remote working behind us, but once again creativity finds a way through and I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved.”

If you love it as much as I do, please share with everyone you know. Let’s support this great talent!


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