The Pale White – ‘Peace Of Mind’

The Pale White’s ‘Peace Of Mind’ is a monster of a track. They are really rocking it out and I am LOVING it!!! The PR info says the track hits you will “full force from the get go” and they didn’t lie.

Speaking about the new single, Adam says “Our second offering this year. Let it rip through the bone-structured cage, which cradles the unpredictable and often misunderstood muscle that is the human brain. We are vultures circling our own demise, until we choose to regain consciousness.”

Stream it below

‘Peace of Mind’ was produced by John Martindale and the band at Blank Studios. It follows on from their recent single release ‘Loveless’, which featured on Spotify New Music Friday and had a plethora of radio plays and online support, and their eponymous EP, which was released in September through Ignition 45’s and featured singles ‘Downer’, ‘Reaction’ and ‘Turn It Around’.


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