The Little Miss – ‘She’s What We Need’

“In the end, we will rise”

Those words from The Little Miss’ ‘She’s What We Need’ has really stuck with me. The song sheds light on the importance of women in society and their underrepresentation. The Little Miss delivers such beautiful harmonies as she shares this important message to women.

“It’s not a plea. It’s not asking for help. We’re lifting one another up, because that’s where our power is,” The Little Miss claims.

She adds, “It feels like money and power rule all, and that there’s nothing we can do without having more resources. I want to empower the people by way of communicating that things can get done with sheer people (or person) power.”

What I love most about this song is that all you hear are her vocals and finger snaps, nothing else and yet it’s so powerful.

Stream it below

‘She’s What We Need’ is off her ‘American Dream’ EP.


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