I have a lot of posts to write before this year is over, so let’s get at it.On Saturday, which was my early birthday party, I lost all my music. ALL! This is music that I started collecting since 2001. I stored it all on my 1TB external hard drive which cost me TT$1200 (US$200) and it was good to me for so many years but something was trying to stress me out on Saturday and somehow my beautiful hard drive fell from a counter onto the tiles below and now whenever it turns on there is a clicking sound so it is not connecting at all to my computer.

The sucky part of it that night, I stored the playlist on the hard drive which meant the sleepless nights I put that music together was kinda wasted but with determination, a fast internet and some extra hands I downloaded all the songs on the playlist which were probably 75 or more and loaded the new playlist and my friends were able to enjoy a damn good mix.

I believe I can get it back, but that may cost a good bit of money and you know from now till payday in January it will be serious hard times so that may have to wait. As of now, I don’t have any of my music except the songs I downloaded this year that is on my other laptop.

What I usually do is download songs for the entire year and on January 1, I transfer music from the laptop onto the external hard drive, to free up the space and to make room for the music I would download in the New Year. Sigh, it is amazing I did not cry or have not cried yet, maybe I am numb, lol. Ah well, life goes on and I will get back my music, even if I have to start all over again.