The Endorphins – ‘Sublime’

My goodness, The Endorphins are making my day with their new song ‘Sublime’. The track is pure perfection as this duo delivers a Future R&B vibe that will make your soul happy.

Speaking about the track The Endorphins said: “Trust is the most important component of a good relationship. Only when you fully trust each other, is when you can reach The Sublime. This song is about that stage when you have 110% trust in each other, when you are an unstoppable team and always have each other’s backs. It sounds so cheesy, but it’s important and euphoric on a whole new level.”

Stream the track below

On their music, this amazing duo said it’s all about inducing endorphins. “It’s about love, friendship, clubs, parties, and sex. We wanna bring good vibes, with a touch of future RnB. The vibe of our songs is influenced by the good vibes that were floating around NYC in the 70’s – that escape from reality that the disco era was built upon.”

I am here for it!


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