Following the sweeping EP ‘New Wave Order Vol. 1’ and 2018 hit single ‘Soul Food’ – racking up nearly 1million streams on Spotify last year – R&B frontwoman Taliwhoah returns under new management with singles ‘Run Along’ and now ‘Love Cycle’ available on Rostrum Records.

Having recently come out as bi-sexual, Taliwhoah uses this song to reference her struggles since revealing her sexual orientation to her family and friends, and the problems it has caused her since.

“Love cycle is a story so many have experienced! The triumph of a “forbidden” love going against all odds to make it happen! I wanted to tell a story that I could relate too myself and so many of my close friends have experienced also.”

Stream it below

I love that she is so open and shared something that many people can relate to, well done Taliwhoah. Can’t wait to  hear more from you in 2019.


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