Sunset Neon – ‘You Are The Sun’ (Official Lyric Video)

Sunset Neon had me jamming to the 80s vibes on his last track ‘Tonight‘. For ‘You Are The Sun’ he gives his fans something different, a wavy lo-fi tune.

About the track Sunset Neon said, “‘You Are The Sun’ was sort of the prototype of the dreamier side of Sunset Neon and experimenting with going for a more lo-fi approach. Reducing bitrates, pitching audio down, filters all over the place. Also where I really started messing with making parts of this sound like a well-worn cassette. The demo vocals were recorded late at night through the built-in laptop mic, and I wound up really liking the “even softer” vocal approach to pair with the haziness of the track. It’s caught in this weird in-between of dreamy lo-fi track, and kind of a slow nu disco thing, but mixing those genres together is part of what Sunset Neon is all about.”

Check it out below

As one person commented, “The world needs more music like this.” I so agree.


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