Styline – ‘Avocado’ (Original Mix)

I loved Styline’s ‘Avocado’ before I even clicked play because let’s be real, avocados are awesome! And so is this song. It’s groovy house and I am loving the vibe.

With his latest production, Styline took things even a step further incorporating vocal shouts from Jessica Alba and James Corden after an inspirational moment during The Late Late Show.

“They did this funny game where James Cordon shot fruits at Jessica Alba who was standing behind a glass wall. When they were trying to decide what to shoot at her, Jessica Alba said, “I’m Mexican, I like Avocados,” and James Cordon replied in his typical accent, “Alright let’s do an Avocado. There we go.”

We ended up combining those phrases with another vocal sample we had and when we placed it on the track, it worked out perfectly. The track itself has quite a summer, tribal-ish vibe already which are two things I associate with an avocado anyway, so the vocal has given the track a very nice character!”-Stylin
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