Strandels – ‘Not My Party’

Strandels  (Tova and Sixten Strandell) returns to MIML after more than a year with a brand new track. ‘Not My Party’ is one tune you’ll be singing along to in no time, it’s that infectious.

Written by Tova and Sixten along with Johan Lindbrandt (Alex and Sierra, BoTalks) and Scott Effman (Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber) the song tells a story of unrequired love. With a melancholy, ethereal feel, driven by Tova and Sixtens harmonizing vocals, ‘Not My Party’ showcases their next step towards their debut album.

Hear it below

“In short ’Not My Party’ is about a love affair. That you’re falling for someone but you’re trying to get rid of those emotions since that person wants to be with someone else. It’s like a forbidden area to even think about. So the story in the song is about crossing that line because both people are drawn to each other, even though you shouldn’t do anything about it. “


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