Sophie Coran – ‘Duller Star’

Sophie Coran is a Philadelphia-based neo-soul artist  who creates Noir & B, a blend of Jazz, R&B, and Soul, with a sense of nostalgia.

On her latest track, ‘Duller Star’ she has presented quite a masterpiece. On it, you hear her flawless vocals as well as the work of her full band (Logan Roth on keys, Arjun Dube on drums, Mike Morrongiello on bass, plus Jim Hamilton on percussion and Shelby Yamin on violin).

You can also hear some organic sounds with samples that Coran and Cumming collected over the past year – including an airplane announcement, crickets, and ocean waves. Trust me all of this blends so perfectly and you are about to fall in love with Sophie and her music.

Stream it below

Coran says of the track: “This song came about over the course of several months as I was dealing with intense writer’s block. I had written the chorus in a moment of deep anxiety and panic about my personal life, and was feeling really hopeless. I started considering the idea of transformation to be like a faded star in the sky, and that’s how ‘Duller Star’ was born.”


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