Sian Cross – ‘What Do You Learn’ (Official Video)

Sian Cross’ ‘What Do You Learn’ is one of my favourite tracks of 2017 and now the video for it is definitely in my top ten favourites of this year. It’s a simple video, there are no camera tricks or special editing. You see Sian asking strangers on the streets of London what makes them one in a million and the answers from people were so honest and positive, it just put a huge smile on my face.

Check it out

Speaking with Gigslutz about the video, Sian says, “the song’s story is of a man’s struggle with obesity but it always felt more than just clothes size. I took the line ‘you are truly one in a million’ and decided to turn it into a question. I wanted real people and real reactions. The results were beautiful.”

Yes it was.


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