Secret Weapons – ‘My Blue Heaven’

The story behind this song is something else. I will let the press release explain everything.

“After a summer of touring with bands like Weezer and Panic! at the Disco with their debut four song EP in 2016, the guys were seemingly on the rise…. Until things got strangely serious, and lead singer Gerry Lange got strangely ill.

While attempting to uphold their image of the “fun synth-rock duo from Brooklyn”, the duo kept Gerry’s mysterious health struggles quiet. The band continued to struggle to finish their full length LP, while Gerry was often barely able to get through his performances, and even experienced partial vocal paralysis while tracking songs.

Songs on their just released full length LP, “As the setting sun comes down on me” took a swift left turn in subject matter — from the previously released playful and fun, to songs about survival. The album art even features a dark figure carrying another limp, almost lifeless body — perhaps a visual metaphor showing just what it took to complete this mountain of a project. Danny Rocco says “strangely, the album became about making the album.” The latest single “My Blue Heaven” embodies that very struggle.

After almost three years of keeping quiet, the duo has simply decided that it’s time to reveal the secrets of Secret Weapons. They are ready to break down the stories, lyrics, and perhaps one of the strongest friendships of all time which led them to write these songs together.

They’re ready to break down and tell us the truth about the music that kept them alive… and kept them, from breaking down.”

Now listen to the song.

I felt something when I listened to this the first time, before reading the press material and after reading it through and clicking play again, I felt it even more. The energy on this track is amazing.

Well done fellas.


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