SEBASTIAN PAUL’s ‘BACK AND FORTH’ is my newest obsession. The electro-pop track is incredibly written and his vocals will immediately capture your attention.

The track tackles the questions that arise during a break up.

“Having very genuine feelings for someone, then having to cut them out of your life indefinitely, is a very bizarre experience. You try to go out and fill your time, but it’s just to serve as a distraction. Knowing what they’re doing, who they’re with, how they’re changing, these questions seem to take high priority over all other thoughts. You labor over these fears long enough, and you find that the only thing you truly desire, is to simply be able to talk to them again, and have some sort of back and forth.” Sebastian Paul describes of the emotion that drove the songwriting process. “When writing the video, I really wanted to play on this juxtaposition found after a break up of being very uncomfortable, while also being very free.” – Sebastian Paul 

Check out the official video below


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