Savannah Ré – ‘Impressed’

One line you hear a lot in Savannah Ré’s ‘Impressed’ is “I’m so impressed by you” and I think it perfectly captures how I feel about her music.  After just hearing the first 30 seconds of this, I have firmly placed the Toronto R&B artist on my ones to watch list.

Hear the track below

Speaking about the song, Savannah said, “With a lot of the stuff that has been going on in our industries and for women in general, the expectation is always to be perfect. But what is perfect? First of all, that’s subjective, but also, nobody is perfect. So for me, the whole idea was to flip that definition on its head. If it’s a woman, stretch-marks don’t matter. Or if you’re feeling self-conscious about something, all those things don’t matter. Anything that you think is imperfect is what sets you apart and it’s impressive to me.”


Can’t wait to hear what she comes with next.


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