Doesn’t this video just fill you with joy?

Running Lights come through with the good vibes with their official video for their Pop hit, ‘One in a Million’.

The NYC trio missed performing live and decided to set their garage up with a PA system as well as their full lighting rig to shoot a real live performance.

During their performance they got a text from one of their neighbours asking if they had a concert at their house leading them to realize how loud they had been playing. It inspired them to shoot additional footage depicting their neighbours’ experience. Since working actors are hard to come by in upstate New York, they had to beg their family to take on the job.

The fun clip was edited and put together by the band themselves and features their parents, sister, niece and an unforgettable performance by their brother-in-law that did his best “Tony Soprano” impression to deliver the hilarious ending for the piece.

“Hard work isn’t something we shy away from and we’ve always been very self-sufficient, producing, recording, and mixing our own songs. We decided to take this into our own hands to try to create something fun from home instead of complaining that there’s nothing we can do within the pandemic’s rules of confinement. We’re a close-nit family and had a blast shooting this. The only hiccup was that our brother-in-law actually wanted to kill us after countless takes of having to take acting direction from us.”

Make sure to support the guys and share this video with everyone you know. It deserves a lot more plays.


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