Reigen – ‘DREAMS’ (cover of The Cranberries)

When I saw “cover of The Cranberries” in my inbox, I was cautious to open it. I absolutely love The Cranberries and in every cover I’ve listened to, I wasn’t impressed until now. Reigen comes through with a stunning falsetto and it’s just perfect. It’s a cover I’m sure Dolores would fall in love with.

The cover’s video is centered around the simplicity of love in the early stages via snippets of first dates when the electricity is in the air. It’s gives a feeling of easiness, warmth and that odd fuzzy feeling of being smitten with someone.

Reigen explained why he chose to do this cover. “My friends Thommy and Cedric asked me to do this song for their wedding and I never thought I’d be sharing it more widely, but they were so sweet about it and here we are… this is a celebration of the love that is all around us’’.

Check it out

Wanna learn something interesting? While shooting this video, Reigen saw a burglar and caught. You can get the full story here.


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