She is the voice of Sam Feldt’s hit song Post Malone, and collaborated with David Guetta on the single ‘Get Together’. And last month, RANI released her single, ‘Sugar Rush’ the first of three tracks on her latest EP: EP6.

Listening to this song and watching these visuals have put me in such a good mood. It did not take me long to fall to RANI’s charms as ‘Sugar Rush’ is an addictive delight.

Check it out below!

I had such a fun time shooting the video at some beautiful locations together with some amazing talents. We really wanted to show how being and falling in love can make you act a little crazy sometimes. That feeling of being so high up with your head in the clouds, being head over heels for someone and them making everything a little better and sweeter in your life. Love can be such a weird feeling, giving control over your emotions to that special someone. – Rani